Self-paced learning distance courses

Management of Biosphere Reserves and other designated areas

The self paced 3 week long course (3o November - 20 December 2020) aims to gather individuals employed in (or around) management of Biosphere Reserves or other designated areas and offer them a co-learning space in which the experience, lessons-learned, innovative practices can be exchanged in a mutually benefiting way.

This virtual course is actually complementary to a face-to-face phase that took place in the new Biosphere Reserve of Asterousia, Crete in October 2020. That is why a part of the learning content is built on the Asterousia meetings.

The course in a nutshell:
- When: 31 November – 20 December 2020
- Commitment: ~ 14 hours (4-5 hours weekly).
- For whom: Post graduate students, young scientists, educators and managers
- Size: up to 100-120 learners.
- Priority is given to applicants from European and Mediterranean countries.
- Language: English
- Certification: at least 80% test score and assignments
  • About the course
  • WEEK 1: Introduction - Setting the scene - Principles
  • Orientation - week 1
  • What does "sustainable development" mean to you?
  • SDGs 2020: Urgent Solutions for Urgent times
  • The SDGs, a global opportunity to transform our world
  • The MAB programme of UNESCO
  • A new BR narrative within the pandemic
  • The UN convention on Biodiversity
  • The EU Biodiversity Strategy for 2030
  • From environmental to sustainability management
  • Factors to consider for obtaining the BR status in a region
  • Asterousia, the new Biosphere Reserve from Crete
  • Test_BRs_Week_1
  • Orientation - week 2
  • About the Management Plan
  • Cultural landscapes and ecosystem services
  • Social capital in isolated areas as a means to sustainable development
  • Practitioners' challenges in management
  • Examples - Innovative Management
  • Global Communication Strategy for MAB BRs (2018)
  • BR Branding Toolkit
  • Applied examples in Branding BRs
  • WEEK 3: Role of Youth and Education for Sustainable Development
  • Orientation - week 3
  • Evolution of ESD (Part I and II)
  • Why ESD matters in the BR operation
  • Encouraging active participation and learning
  • Emowering transformative change
  • Youth led content
  • References - Week 1
Completion rules
  • All units must be completed