Self-paced learning distance courses

Management of Biosphere Reserves and other designated areas

This self-paced 3-week-long course (30 November - 20 December 2020) aims to gather individuals that are involved in the management of Biosphere Reserves or other designated areas and offer them a co-learning space in which experiences, lessons-learned and innovative practices can be exchanged to the benefit of all.

This virtual course is actually complementary to a face-to-face phase that took place in the new Biosphere Reserve of Asterousia, Crete (Greece) early in October 2020. Part of the learning content is built on this first phase.

The course in a nutshell:
- When: 30 November – 20 December 2020
- Commitment: approx. 14 hours (4-5 hours weekly)
- For whom: Post graduate students, young scientists, MAB youth groups, educators and managers
- Size: up to 100-120 learners
- Priority is given to applicants from European and Mediterranean countries
- Language: English (French interpretation will be available during the three "meet the expert" meetings only)
- Certification: at least 80% test score and completion of assignments required
  • Welcome to the Hybrid Asterousia University
  • Welcome messages
  • Logistics, completion rules, housekeeping notes
  • A glimpse of Asterousia
  • WEEK 1: Introduction - Setting the scene - Principles
  • Orientation - week 1
  • What does "sustainable development" mean to you?
  • The SDGs, urgent solutions for urgent times
  • The MAB Programme of UNESCO
  • A New Narrative for BRs within a COVID-19 context
  • SDGs implementation in Biosphere Reserves
  • The EU Biodiversity Strategy for 2030
  • From environmental to sustainable development management
  • Success factors in obtaining the status & operating a BR
  • Asterousia, a new Biosphere Reserve in Crete
  • Biodiversity & Ecosystems services in Asterousia BR
  • References - Week 1
  • Test_BRs_Week_1
  • Evaluation - Week 1
  • 1st Meet the Expert session 3/12/2020
  • Orientation - week 2
  • The Management Plan of a BR
  • Cultural landscapes and ecosystem services
  • Social capital in isolated areas as a means to sustainable development
  • Social capital in the Asterousia BR
  • Global Communication Strategy for MAB BRs (2018)
  • Methodological approaches for BR branding
  • Three ways to brand local products of BRs depending on the context
  • Stories of specific BRs responding to the COVID-19 emergency
  • Cases of sustainable businesses in Asterousia BR Part A
  • Cases of sustainable businesses in Asterousia BR Part B
  • Innovative tools/projects from learners
  • Sustainable Destinations: the eco-tourism vision
  • Practitioners' challenges in eco-tourism management
  • References - Week 2
  • Test_BRs_Week_2
  • Evaluation - Week 2
  • 2nd Meet the Expert session 10/12/2020
  • WEEK 3: Role of Youth and Education for Sustainable Development
  • Orientation - week 3
  • Evolution & concepts about ESD (Part I)
  • Evolution & concepts about ESD (Part II)
  • ESD and Biosphere Reserves
  • The #ESDfor2030 framework
  • Where do I start from with ESD?
  • Encouraging active participation and learning
  • Youth and the MAB Programme
  • The birth of an association
  • Seeing my BR through new lenses
  • Stories from the Muro River, Slovenia
  • What does it take to organise a Summer University?
  • At the UN Youth Climate Summit as the MAB Youth Delegate
  • From Changbaishan, China to Asterousia, Greece
  • References - Week 3
  • Test_BRs_week_3
  • 3rd Meet-the-Expert session 17/12/2020
  • Evaluation - Week 3
  • End notes
  • Final Assignment
  • E-course Final Assignment
Completion rules
  • All units must be completed
  • Leads to a certification with a duration: Forever