3.11  References and "video -readings" 

Congratulations! You have finished the third module! We hope that you have learned a lot about odour pollution and have found this course useful. To consolidate the knowledge gained we invite you to watch the video of Prof. Laura Capelli presenting the odour regulation criteria and related methods during a training on on odour pollution that took place in Milan, September 2018

A glossary of the main concepts and terms that we discussed within this MOOC is waiting for you (next screen). 

Last but not least, do not forget to take the final test in order to obtain your Certificate! 


-  Laura Capelli.  Odour Impact Assessment: Olfactometry, Dispersion modelling & Field Inspections. Presentation made during thD-NOSES "OdourCollect Training" 14 March 2019. 
- D-NOSES. Map of odour issues and priorities. Multilevel engagement plan for stakeholders and communities D4.1, December 2018.

- D-NOSES. Policy brief . Odour pollution : a growing societal concern. 2019.

- International Odour Observatory by D-NOSES: https://odourobservatory.org